Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment (CIP)

Antigua Citizenship

Best Caribbean passport program offers lifetime citizenship to foreign clients who invest in the country under donation USD 100,000 (from Nov 1, 2017) and under Real Estate (USD 400,000).  The processing time is very fast within 3-4 months.  The passport initially issued with 5 year validity can be easily renewed later by paying a very small fee ($350).

Visa Free Travel

Antigua citizenship and passport offers visa free travel to over 100+ countries including EU shengen, UK and more. The complete list of countries is listed in another page of this website.

Antigua Real Estate

Antigua real estate is a best recoverable real estate investment but the minimum is $400,000 plus additional expenses. We work with many Government approved developers in the Antigua and Barbuda. We assist clients with full hand holding service.

Antigua Citizenship by Investment

Antigua and Barbuda has a newly launched citizenship by investment program for investors who can directly acquire citizenship and passport by donation to a charity or through purchase of real estate. The country joins St.Kitts and Nevis and Dominica where the citizenship program is already up and running.  Antigua & Barbuda is one of the most beautiful island nation in Caribbean with beautiful beaches and posh climate to enjoy your summer vacation.


We are pleased to inform that we assist business clients in acquiring passport in Antigua and Barbuda with minimum formalities, the easy way through our specialists in real estate.

Citizenship Benefits

  • Beautiful caribbean country with white sand and blue waters for exotic holidays.
  • Lifetime citizenship for family and children with one time investment.
  • Direct citizenship in Caribbean country.
  • Visa free travel to EU schengen countries including UK and Ireland.
  • No wealth, inheritance, personal income taxes.
  • No personal visit required
  • No requirement to live in Antigua before or after getting citizenship.
  • No interviews, business experience or language tests.
  • Fast 3 months processing time for citizenship.
  • Best second passport for travel.
  • Free movement in the caribbean CARICOM countries.
  • Freely hold dual or multiple citizenship with other countries.
  • Investments in business ($1,500,000) or real estate ($400,000) also qualify for citizenship

New Update: Effective November 1, 2017, Antigua and Barbuda Government has announced 50% reduction of NDF investment fund, USD 100,000 for a family of four.

Qualifying Investments for Citizenship

Under the Citizenship program, there are following investment options:

  • USD 100,000 donation to National Development fund (NDF)  effective Nov 1, 2017 (or)
  • USD 400,000 investment in real estate (or)
  • USD 1,500,000 business investment (or)

Additional costs for dependents are extra.

The passport is granted for 5 year validity period after that it can be renewed. To renew after 5 years, you must have visited Antigua for about 5 days.

Real Estate Investment

We have our own inhouse real estate specialist assisting all our clients with easy paperwork in purchasing a real estate in Antigua and Barbuda. The value of purchase must be $400,000 to qualify for Antigua/Barbuda passport. You must hold the real estate for 5 years after which you can sell it in the market and still keep the citizenship.

Documents Required

These are the documents which must be kept ready, when applying for citizenship.

– Police clearance certificate or Certificate of no criminal record
– Copy of passport
– Marriage certificate, with spouse as dependent
– 2 birth certificates

**All documents must have apostille seal, for use in Antigua and Barbuda

Visa free travel

If you become citizen of Antigua & Barbuda, you can travel to United Kingdom, EU schengen countries  (125 countries) without visa for upto 90 day stay period. You can see full list of countries here

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