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We are leading specialists in international tax planning, real estate, residence and citizenship programs in Europe and Caribbean. We offer the best advice, consulting to our clients on various investment topics.

Minimum Investment:

USD 100,000 + fees ( NDF donation option effective from Nov 1, 2017)
USD 400,000 + fees ( real estate investment option)
Processing time : 2-3 months

Antigua passport is a lifetime citizenship and one time investment. Passport allows visa free travel to UK, Europe and over 100+ countries.

We work with Government approved law firms and real estate developers in Antigua & Barbuda, promoting the Citizenship-by-Investment program in Antigua.

** PleaseĀ  contact us for Appointments. Meetings can be arranged in Dubai, London, Zurich. Please call usĀ +41 71 577 46 23

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